Katek manufactures in clean environment


Grassau, October 8, 2018 - Katek GmbH has successfully completed an important strategic project. For this purpose, in the past two years, the know-how in the field of technical cleanliness has been further expanded and the corresponding environmental conditions created.

During this time, the product of a well-known European automotive supplier could be transferred from the prototype phase to series production. The assembly steps take place under high cleanliness requirements in the conventional production areas and in the newly built cleanroom of cleanliness level 2 (SaS2).
Technical cleanliness involves minimizing the particulate contamination of a component or assembly in accordance with customer requirements or specifications. These specifications are formulated in the so-called cleanliness requirement. Here, the maximum permissible particle sizes are specified with the number and type of particles per component or per area.
The guideline for technical cleanliness is the series VDA19.1. It describes test procedures and implementation recommendations. Based on this, the roadmap for the introduction of the processes was developed for this project.
These recommendations were implemented in the conventional production areas and the new clean room was built for the cleanliness-sensitive production steps. The clean room has a personnel and material lock as well as individual production rooms. Structurally separate from the adjoining production areas, the supply air is specifically filtered and the room is air-conditioned. Abrasion-resistant material was used for the walls, floor and ceilings, and the production facilities are designed according to the implementation recommendations.
In addition to the internal processes, all vendor parts were also evaluated and, as far as possible, recommendations for material design were given. An important aspect always lies on the entire supply chain. In order to avoid carry-over of particles, suitable packaging from suppliers, the parts warehouse, through production to the customer are used.
Regular training of employees on the new ways of working for clean-sensitive products ensures compliance with the high quality requirements. It is important to create an understanding of cleanliness of the product and to initiate measures for continuous improvement. The dress code, the cleaning plans and a guideline for behavior in the cleanroom were the result of these workshops.
The proof that the products meet the cleanliness requirements is provided by series-accompanying cleanliness analyzes. To do this, particle traps are placed at specified locations and assemblies removed from production. The results are evaluated taking into account the existing escalation model with accompanying PDCA circle (Plan-Do-Check-Act).
Since the knowledge of technical cleanliness can now be offered to customers in the product development process, early consideration of various aspects for the development of high-quality products is made possible. For Katek, this is another service field to optimally cover the constantly increasing quality requirements for the production of sophisticated electronic assemblies and systems.



Katek manufactures in clean environment


Picture of the clean room

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