Digital and analog TV / satellite measuring instruments

Measurement of the signal quality and illustration of the contents of the signal; automatic measuring sequences, evaluation and logging; modular scalability to allow upgrading to new standards

High-frequency generators

Direct frequency synthesis with decade setting: exact and highly stable sources with frequency switching times in the µs range, can be switched as continuous or coherent phase; areas of application in magnetic resonance systems, spectroscopy and test systems and in high-precision reference transmitters.

Frequency standards

GPS-synchronized temperature-stabilized quartz or rubidium oscillators generate reference frequencies with power reserve; for the synchronisation of telecommunication systems, as precision frequency sources or for infrastructure-independent time mark generation; up to 32 outputs

Radio measuring instruments

For mobile communications; directional couplers in the range from 25 MHz to 3 GHz; power measurement in the range 0.1 mW to 300 W; simultaneous assessment of power and antenna matching; automatic identification of CW, GSM, TETRA and DMR; USB functionality for PC or FIT viewer operation

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