Our factors for success

Katek offers you all the factors to ensure that your project will lead to our joint success - the whole is more than the sum of its individual parts!

The following characterizes us in particular:

  • highly motivated and well trained employees
  • a full commitment to implementation of the zero errors philosophy
  • flexible structures and flat hierarchies
  • rapid decision paths in an owner-run company
  • permanent value analysis and integrated consideration of TCO
  • refined process development for all kinds of production technologies
  • a wide variety of analysis options: X-ray equipment, contamination measuring instruments, laboratory for polished sections
  • integrated traceability system up to the installation locations for the components that are installed
  • a full commitment to process interlocking
  • experience in high-frequency technology ever since the company was founded
  • delivery quality at the very latest state of the art in technology with the lowest ppm rates
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