Since March 2012 - Member of the Fachverband Elektronik Design (FED) e.V.

FED-LogoThe Association for Design, Printed Circuit Board and Assembly Manufacturing is an association of interests of companies dealing with the development and production of electronics. Vocational education and training is promoted by the provision of practical IPC guidelines. Furthermore, the FED is a forum for the exchange of experience and would like to contribute to the competitiveness of the electronics industry. The objectives and tasks of the association are the research, preparation and dissemination of up-to-date know-how for developers, CAD designers, printed circuit board manufacturers and assembly manufacturers.

Since January 2017 - member of the industry interests association COG (Component Obsolescence Group) Germany e.V.

COG-LogoThe association not only facilitates an exchange of experience with other companies on obsolescence, but also supports them in the development of strategies, methods and procedures for pro-active obsolescence management.



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