Obsolescence Management

Due to various factors, components / materials are partially replaced by incompatible successors after only 6 months. In many areas, however, products are to be delivered as many years as possible. If components of a product or system are no longer available, we speak of obsolescence.

Essential parts of our obsolescence management are:

  • Forecast and cost analysis for a whole life cycle
  • Risk assessment of components
  • Lifespan analysis of parts lists
  • Contracts with manufacturers and suppliers
  • Monitoring of key components
  • Supplier monitoring through audits and reviews
  • Second-Source-Strategy
  • Management of stocks
  • Close coordination with the customer
  • Preference for components with low obsolescence risk
  • Regular OM analysis and report of components

To offer best support for our customers in the subject of obsolescence management based on a constantly current state of knowledge, Katek joined as a member of the industry-interest association COG (Component Obsolescence Group) Germany.

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