Process development - The analytical road to our goal

The Katek process technicians determine the optimum process parameters as early as at the development phase or in the run-up to the first order. Here the individual sub-tasks are analysed and the best methods and work flows that are found in each case are combined. They support in addition the Quality Assurance process to accompany production right from the beginning with each production order.

Modern analysis techniques guarantee quality and efficiency.


Core processes

Quality techniques

  • Soldering paste qualification / qualification of process-relevant consumer goods
  • Determination of soldering profiles
  • Climatic tests, contamination measurement, production and evaluation of cross-section polishes
  • Analyses with a materials microscope, X-ray microscope
  • Production of PPAPs
  • Own dynamic process guidelines
  • Own dynamic design guidelines
  • Optimized soldering procedures (reflow, wave, selective) for multilayer PCBs, RF materials, flexboards, copper core
  • Use of process-optimized soldering masks
  • Pin-In-Paste process (TH reflow)
  • µBGA processing, Package-on-Package, Module Mounting
  • Soldering in compliance with IPC-A-610 Levels 2 and 3
  • Automatic gluing with electrically thermally conductive adhesives
  • Force fitting, thermal fixing into place, orbital riveting
  • Mechanical micro-assembly, 3D assembly
  • System FMEA process
  • Pareto analysis
  • 8D report
  • MFU
  • MSA
  • FPY
  • Balanced Scorecard

We are member of the FED


The Fachverband Elektronik-Design (FED) e.V. counts more than 640 members and is an established partner for the whole electronic manufacturing industry. We are also member and benefit from its expertise so, our customers get more benefits from this overall competence too.

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