Your expert partner for automotive electronics

Katek has established itself as a reliable partner for the automotive industry since 1989, both for Tier1 and for Tier 2 suppliers. We develop and manufacture components for many leading car makers. In our references you can find among others Audi, BMW, Continental, Daimler and Magna.

Top quality from A-supplier Katek

Top quality and a commitment to a zero errors philosophy secure our competitiveness on a lasting basis. The products that are manufactured, the processes and production equipment that are used for this and the production in itself are subjected throughout to an integrated quality system in compliance with ISO/TS 16949. We have maintained compliance with delivery dates and quantities for over 20 years. Leading car makers have given us the best ratings in their audits.

Our newest and fully automated line that was designed especially for the production and assembly of car roof antennas has a throughput of 1.1 million items a year, all with maximum reliability of the process.

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